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      They all went to the church door, where the carriages were waiting. Only a few idlers loitered about the pavement, faintly interested in so shabby a weddinga poor array of one landau and one brougham, the brougham to take the travellers to the station, where their luggage had been sent by another conveyance.

      She put her hand to her lips for a moment, as if to steady them, for they were quivering."Give me this one waltz?" he asked, without any comment upon her intended journey.

      Tabitha seemed like a good angel, when she came in at this juncture with a fresh cup of tea and a plate of dainty little chicken sandwiches.Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she turned from him, pretending to be interested in the convent walls on the edge of the hill below which they were driving.

      "Have you really come far?" he asked.

      "Please don't put down your name for anything later than number eleven. I shall be gone long before those late dances."

      "He knows that he is doomed to lose her," thought Hulbert; "knows it, and yet tries to hope. I never saw such intense, unquestioning love. One asks one's self involuntarily about any womanIs she worth it?"

      "Very well," said Dick, glad, on the whole, to be relieved from further consideration of his difficulties. "I'll be off instanter, if you'll promise not to stir while I'm gone. And if anybody knocks, don't speak, or even breathe loud;likely enough it will be Doctor Remy, and, in your case, discretion is the better part of valor. I'll make all fast behind me, so that no one can get in. And I'll hurry back, and bring your uncle with me, if I can."Howwho



      The word stung him like the cut of a whip. His lips set tightly; but he said nothing. What could he say?


      He pointed to Martin Disney's letter, lying open on the solicitor's table.