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      "Them's them awful kind o' rebels, ain't theythe John Morgan kindthat ride big horses that snort fire, and they have long swords, with which they chop men's heads off?"

      Gradually the sun slanted and glowed, and a faint ripple of air stole into the room, lifting the hair on her forehead, tangled and damp. It struck her that she must be looking very uglyshe who had used to be such a pretty girl.

      Her fingers plucked nervously at the sheet. There seemed to be a strange tickling irritation in her skin, while her feet were dreadfully cold. She wondered rather dully about the babyshe supposed he could not come to any harm over there in the cradle by himself, but really she did not care muchit was all one to her what happened to him."Sargint, see there, and there," shouted Alf Russell, as other companies of rebels came galloping through over the crest, while the first arrivals began throwing down the fences, preparatory to a charge.

      In response to the Judge-Advocate's direct questionings the Orderly-Sergeant had to sorrowfully admit that he thought that Shorty was drunk, very drunk, and exceedingly noisy. But when Lieut. Bowersox changed to the defense, the Orderly-Sergeant testified with great alacrity that he had not seen Shorty take a drink, that he did not know where he could have got whisky; did not know where in all that part of Georgia there was a drop of liquor outside of the Surgeon's stores and the officers' canteens; that he wished he did know, for he'd like to have a drink himself; and that Shorty, when he was putting forth his greatest strength, was generally very vociferous and not at all careful of what he said. This was one of the peculiarities of the man, that he was overlooked on account of his great effectiveness on the men when in that state. Then rushed the steeds to battle driven,

      He treated his wife like a queen, he would not allow her the smallest exertion. He waited on her hand and foot and expected his mother to do the same. Every evening, or, later in the year, in the afternoon, he would come home early from his work, and take her out for a walk on his arm. He would not allow her to go alone, for fear that she might overtire herself or that anything might frighten her. He insisted on her having the daintiest food, and never eating less than a certain quantity every day; he decided that the Odiam chairs were too hard, and bought her cushions at Rye. In fact he pampered her as much as he denied everybody else and himself.


      "There are rumors," she said. "Frankly, I'd rather they didn't get around. And if I hadn't had too much to drinkor somethingI wouldn't even be mentioning them. I'm sorry."


      "If you'd know what the Colonel is, pray travel over


      "Sack your chaff, nowcan't you sack your chaff?""Knowin' you was so anxious to see 'em, they've come up the road to meet you," interjected Shorty.