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      "Oh Pen!" he said in distress. "Why should you be unhappy?"

      Finally the young man said politely: "I came to see if I could get some butter and eggs."[5] dits et Ordonnances, I. 73.

      [270] Dpche de Vaudreuil, 7 Ao?t, 1725. "Comme j'ai toujours t persuad que rien n'est plus oppos nos intrts que la paix des Abenakis avec les Anglais (la suret de cette colonie du c?t de l'est ayant t l'unique objet de cette guerre), je songeai pressentir ces sauvages avant qu'ils parlassant aux Anglais et leur insinuer tout ce que j'avais leur dire."Vaudreuil au Ministre, 22 Mai, 1725.

      V2 infame catin du Nord, died, and was succeeded by her nephew, Peter III. Here again, as in England and Spain, a new sovereign brought new measures. The young Czar, simple and enthusiastic, admired the King of Prussia, thought him the paragon of heroes, and proclaimed himself his friend. No sooner was he on the throne than Russia changed front. From the foe of Frederic she became his ally; and in the opening campaign of 1762 the army that was to have aided in crushing him was ranged on his side. It was a turn of fortune too sharp and sudden to endure. Ill-balanced and extreme in all things, Peter plunged into headlong reforms, exasperated the clergy and the army, and alienated his wife, Catherine, who had hoped to rule in his name, and who now saw herself supplanted by his mistress. Within six months he was deposed and strangled. Catherine, one of whose lovers had borne part in the murder, reigned in his stead, conspicuous by the unbridled disorders of her life, and by powers of mind that mark her as the ablest of female sovereigns. If she did not share her husband's enthusiasm for Frederic, neither did she share Elizabeth's hatred of him. He, on his part, taught by hard experience, conciliated instead of insulting her, and she let him alone.

      I must also inform you that it is His Majesty's pleasure that you remain in security under the inspection and direction of the troops that I have the honor to command.[2] Report of Conferences at Albany, in Colden, History of the Five Nations, 50 (ed. 1727, Shea's reprint).

      [19] Denonville Dongan, 20 Aoust, 1688; Procs-verbal of the Condition of 167 Fort Niagara, 1688; N. Y. Col. Docs., IX. 386. The palisades were torn down by Denonville's order on the 15th of September. The rude dwellings and storehouses which they enclosed, together with a large wooden cross, were left standing. The commandant De Troyes had died, and Captain Desbergres had been sent to succeed him.

      [235] Colonial Records of Pa., VI. 480.[222] The Acadians to Saint-Ovide, 6 May, 1720, in Public Documents of Nova Scotia, 25. This letter was evidently written for them,no doubt by a missionary.


      "Mercy, no!" laughed Pen. "Far too much to do!"He had, nevertheless, turned them to good account; for, as the English knew nothing of western geography, they employed these French bush-rangers to guide their trading parties. Denonville sent orders to Du Lhut to shoot as many of them as he could catch.


      V1 you have any good saddle-horses in your stable, I should be obliged to you for one to ride round the ship's deck on for exercise, for I am not likely to have any other."[64] The small stream at the mouth of which Williams is supposed to have preached is still called Williams River.


      [293] Bigot au Ministre, 27 Ao?t, 1755. Ibid., 5 Sept. 1755.